Original European Ju Jitsu /Ju Jutsu Union







October          2015


All EJJU certified members, must report their feed back in order to know their disposition

for this year.Apply directly to GM Adriano Pizzato (kaytenn@yahoo.com),

These ones wont be answering, will be revoked in fact their memberships.

This carry on only for European Countries.

Saiko-Shihan -Kancho


October          2013

               EJJU member GM Yai Blanton  Soke and Founder of the Mang Ho Jutsu Ryu,

               has iussed a book,that is highly recomended.

               Spirit of Tiger 


October 18th  2013

               GM Tony Aloe, 8th Dan Kyoshi is the new EJJU Director of Kobudo for the U.S.A.

                                        Welcome with us Tony

May 31st  2012

               Waleriy Borovlov, 2nd Dan Sensei is the new EJJU Representative for the Ukraine.

Welcome with us Waleriy !


May 25th – 28th  2012

               Waleriy Borovlov, 2nd Dan Sensei will be present in Turin for a seminar with GM Krishna  

               Gopal, 10th Dan, Hanshi (Kurodaiya Art).


March 16th – 17th  2012

               Seminar organised in Portugal by Vitor Jose Gomes, 1st Dan Sensei and attended by Dr

               Alessandro Ronco, 7th Dan Kyoshi (EJJU International Coordinator).


November 20th  2011

               First Italian seminar held in Turin by the Italian Delegation.


May 20th  2011

              GM Joseph Ruiz is the new EJJU Representative for France and also

              GM Krishna Gopal, 10th Dan Hanshi is the new EJJU Representative for the Netherlands.

Welcome with us Joseph and Krishna !


February 24th  2011                  Important Information


As of today, the  EJJU CENTRAL HOMBU DOJO  will be located in Turin, Italy at the  IWF Kayten Academy Headquarters. This will be overseen by GM Dr Adriano Pizzato, 10th Dan Hanshi (EJJU Vice President) who will also manage our EJJU website for easier contact and communications.


Our EJJU HEADQUARTERS will still continue to remain with the EJJU President in Madrid, Spain.


The EJJU President.



EJJU Central Hombu Dojo (Italy)*  Email:   <   Kaytenn@yahoo.com   >


Our EJJU President Professor Dr Francisco Javier Galan Vasquez, 10th Dan Hanshi, Kancho  -                                          has been appointed as the Honorary President of the Cold Steel Sports Club (Romania) by GM Robert Manole, 8th Dan Kyoshi. He has also been inducted into the Shinja Martial Arts University ‘Hall of Heroes’ and recognised as Hanshi Senior Master Teacher of the Year by the SMA University and the IFAA – which are very important and respected organisations in the USA. 


GM Vasquez was also officially awarded Lifetime Membership and the certified title of ‘Professor’ from the Shinja Masters & Headmasters Council in the USA for his lifetime services and commitment to the martial arts. All of the above awards and appointments bring great personal joy and pride to Professor Dr Vasquez.