Original European Ju Jitsu /Ju Jutsu Union

  Original E.J.J.U. World President Javier Galan Vasquez Hanshi Inheritor-heir

                                          E.J.J.U. President



ORIGINAL  EJJU  World President inheritor-heir  DR  JAVIER  GALAN  Vazquez Hanshi Judan

Professor Dr Javier Galan Bell Vasquez, Soke, Hanshi, Kancho, 10th Dan

Doctor of Budo (Japan), PhD(MA), MD, DD

EJJU World President and Co-ordinator and other senior appointments

Member of over 50 Federations with over 160 Highest Certificates

Over 40 World Awards and over 10 Japanese Certificates 







Professor Dr Vasquez was born in Madrid, Spain in the late 1940’s. In 1962 he began his early martial arts career via the study of Kodokan Judo - as Judo was the only martial art allowed in Spain at that point in time. His instructor was Takeda-Sensei who was the ‘Soke’ (Founder/Headmaster) of the Takeda Family of Japan. Eventually as more martial arts were introduced into Spain, he was able to study more arts such as Korean Hapkido and Japanese/Okinawa Shito Ryu Karate-Do.


During this time period of martial art studies, he became the university champion in Judo and self-defence. Vasquez Soke had a great thirst for more knowledge and wanted to experience much more in the martial arts – so he went to live in the United Kingdom to further widen his martial arts studies and experience. He had a multitude of martial arts teachers and styles to train in with great intensity and commitment, along with many different martial arts seminars to learn from too.


It was during this long period in the United Kingdom that Vasquez Soke found his life-long martial arts mentor and teacher, Reverend Dr Vernon C.F. Bell. Hanshi  the ‘Founding Father’ of British Karate. In Vasquez Soke’s own words:  Bell Hanshi -  is  “His teacher, his guide and his light.”


He has spent over 40 years in the martial arts and is known for his superior skills, knowledge and long experience amongst his international peers – but above all, for his loyalty, honesty and integrity as a true Warrior and gentleman.


Ranks and Honours


Professor Dr Vasquez holds the title of Soke and the 10th Dan rank in the ‘Kaizen Ryu Aiki-Ju-Jutsu’ system. He also earned his Doctorate in Budo from Japan - along with several other recognised professional Doctorates, Masters and Bachelors degrees and other qualifications.


 Professional Resume

President of and International Coordinator, World Liaison Officer for the European Ju Jitsu / Ju Jutsu Union (EJJU) and International Ju Jitsu Federation (IJJF). Received Doctorate from Japan.  

Has over 30 years experience in professional and personal bodyguard security. He was the specialist training instructor for the Israeli Special Forces and Security in Israel for 5 years as part of his security experience. Professor Dr Vasquez is a registered member of the elite Israeli Survival and Special Response Team.


In addition to the above, he also teaches combat skills to various Special Forces in the United Kingdom, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine and his own native country of Spain. Professor Dr Vasquez is also internationally respected for his knowledge, skills and professionalism and is associated with and sits on the boards of innumerable elite International Security organizations.


Education (Academia)

Professor Dr Vasquez holds a Japanese Doctorate in Budo, an MBA Masters degree and two Bachelor’s degrees in Economics and English respectively.